Picking Up and Moving On


It’s been a few months since I last worked on my book, but the time has been fruitful in different areas and I am going to be using Camp NaNo as an aid to get back to work. The long break has given me time to sort a few things out. I’ve made several choices as to how I want to my story to go along with the different characters in it.

For one thing, my story will be split into two parts; the second part is already mostly written, following Will and Penny as they struggle to survive inside the cursed novel they accidentally found during an electrical storm while closing down the museum owned by Ryan Evets. The first part, the part I’m going to begin writing will be what was originally the prologue. Considering how strong of a character Ryan turned out to be and how fundamental he was to Will and Penny’s story, I’ve decided he needs the first half of my book to set up what happens to my young adventurers and give it, on a whole, some real depth. I already know how Ryan’s story goes, I just need to turn the narrative into a dramatic motion picture that comes to life off the pages.

I’m excited to begin telling Ryan’s story for real; in many ways I’m very scared of messing his story up because he is such a large part of this fantasy, so much larger then I originally thought he would be. I’m very scared but also very excited. Thank God, while I can be very sarcastic, I’m generally a “look on the bright side of things” type of person and that should help keep me going.

I’ve also worked out smaller plot problems that I was struggling with earlier and I also have a good idea as to how I want my story to end, something I didn’t know back in November. As I said earlier, I’m going to using this month’s Camp NaNo to help me get back to writing everyday. I’m already three days late but since I’m working on the same story and Camp isn’t as serious as the real NaNo, I’ll be bending the rules to work to my own benefit.

I will be begin to write today and we will see what the month of April has in store for my story. Lord willing, everything shall flow smoothly from my mind to my computer with no more plot complications. 🙂


Cheerio and don’t blink.



11 thoughts on “Picking Up and Moving On

  1. Reblogged this on Through Two Blue Eyes and commented:

    Last night I decided to go ahead and use this month’s Camp NaNo to help pick my story back up. If you want to read more, just head on over to my writing blog to read the full post. 🙂

  2. Yeah! I’m glad you were able to get the details worked out and that it’s coming together well for you, it sounds fascinating.
    Best wishes~ Holly.

  3. I’m so happy for your novel! So exciting!!

    What??!!! For some reason I was thinking that Camp Nano wasn’t for another month. I was actually thinking about today! I’ll have to get on over there and do it. I really need to motivation! 😀

    • Thank you, Emily!

      This was exactly what I thought, it’s the perfect thing for motivation! ANd yeah, it’s April and July; I guess it used to be June and August (which would have worked better for me personally, but go figure.) 🙂

      If you’re on Camp NaNo, come find me, my username is the same as on NaNo.


  4. Hi Jamie! Sorry it’s been awhile since I commented on anything. I have some personal reasons. Good luck on your novel! Can’t wait to hear more of Ryan!

  5. Glad to see that you’re working again, and that the story is expanding! Camp is a good time to work at figuring things out.

    Don’t worry about messing it up. It’s only s first draft, and the edition comes later, where you can change whatever you want. Just get the story out into the open, and work on polishing it afterwards so that it can blossom into what it needs to be. Writing takes time, and sometimes stories do too. But, if you’re discovering that you have a character who is more integral to the plot than you originally thought, then you’re on the right track. 🙂


    • Thank you so much for the encouragement, Alexandra!!!! It feels so good to know I’m on the right track! I’m looking forward to getting to back to writing, especially since stress levels are now going way down, so praise the Lord!! 🙂


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